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we want this studio to feel like yours.


because it is!

Only one contracted photographer is allowed in the studio at a time. Additional photographers can be added for additional fees. Group content creation days or styled sessions are allowed but must be approved before scheduling and different rates apply.

No glitter, confetti, candles or open flames, or colored smoke bombs allowed unless approved when scheduling.

No pets unless approved when scheduling. Additional fees may apply.

If you want to hang something on the wall, only use command strips, removable mounting putty/adhesive putty, or gentle tape that won’t damage the walls. Absolutely no nails.

Only lift furniture if you plan to move it during your shoot. Floors scratch easily and any damage will result in additional fees charged to your card.

Keep food and drink to a minimum inside. Clean up if any accidents happen and let Amber know of any damage to props, furniture, floors, walls, etc.. Absolutely no food or drink on the furniture.

Only enter through the main entrance to the studio through the door off the elevator. Keep all other windows, gates and doors locked unless otherwise approved.

Absolutely no alcohol, smoking, vaping or drugs permitted inside Modern Color Studios or on the property grounds. Violators will be asked to leave.  No refunds issued.  Champagne is allowed for certain sessions but please discuss with Amber prior to booking.

If you arrive and the studio is dirty, damaged, or in a state of needing repaired, please immediately email the studio or call (803) 586-3437 otherwise you could be held responsible for the damages.

All designated props and furniture are available for use during your session. Any damage to props and furniture will result in your card on file being charged. Damage fees will result if anything gets broken or ruined and will vary based on the damage. A minimum of $75 will be charged to your card on file.

No pornographic images may taken at the studio. Tasteful boudoir is allowed.

Explicit sexual activity and nudity is strictly prohibited.

If you want to hang something on the wall, only use If you have to cancel or reschedule your studio time, you can only schedule within a 30 day window from the original session date.

Session Rental fees are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Rescheduling can be done without a fee with 48 hours or more notice.

Rescheduling is subject to studio availability.

No cancellations will be accepted on the day of your scheduled shoot. No refunds or exceptions.

Weekend sessions are extremely popular so we don’t allow those to be rescheduled.

No refunds will be issued for customers dissatisfaction of lighting options due to weather or unfamiliarity of the MC Studios.

Please plan your session to ensure you capture everything you need in the allotted time you’ve rented. Additional time may be added ONLY before your session has started and ONLY IF there is calendar availability.

other very IMPORTANT information

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There will be a $35 fee for sessions that will require the paper to be cut. (Examples: cake-smash sessions, bubbles, excessive use of water, etc.)

If a paper roll gets crumpled, the fee is $50. Please take care of the rolls and follow our studio guidelines to ensure this doesn't happen.

If the backdrop mount gets broken because rolls of paper fall down from the ceiling and are left hanging, the fee is $400 to replace the mount and motor. Please do not leave things broken in the studio. Give us a call so we can fix it or walk you through how to fix it.

If you cause damage in the studio that results in guests after you being unable to use it, you will be responsible for refunding their studio fee if they cancel. ($75 per hour they had rented.)

The paper backdrops are not single-use. They can be used multiple times, for multiple clients and photographers. A little dirt on the paper is fine! In most cases, it won't show up in photographs. Paper should only be cut when absolutely necessary. Cutting the paper unnecessarily could result in additional fees.

Your reservation time begins promptly at the requested start time and ends at your designated ending time.  This includes set up and clean up. You must exit by the end of the rental period.

All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Please respect our neighbors in the neighboring suites.

Do not change out the paper on the remote controlled backdrop. If you're having any issues with it please call Amber (803) 586 -3437.

Time for set-up and break-down must be included in the rental time period. Additional time overages will be billed. If you find yourself wanting to rent another hour during your booked time please call Amber.

Clear the room of all belongings, furniture, props, and people so the room is available on the next hour (return to their original location if moved). Please book an extra hour if you feel like setting up and tearing down will take long.

All trash must be placed in the trash can provided. If you have items that do not fit in the trash, please dispose of them elsewhere. Do not leave it in the studio. 

Please turn off all overhead lights before leaving.

You may not sublease Modern Color Studios to any third party.

Modern Color Studios has the right to terminate the reservation immediately without refund or rescheduling if rules are not followed.

For liability issues, all activities are monitored. Renters are responsible for any damage to Modern Color Studios including, but not limited to, spills, scratches, marks, or stains on furniture, floors, or painted surfaces. The space and all furnishings must be left clean and in good condition for the next person. If the space is not in the same condition when returned, Renter agrees to pay a minimum cleaning fee of $150/hour, plus the cost to repair and replace damaged furnishings and equipment caused by the renter and their group.

Note: The studio rental includes our 650sq. ft. two room space.

If you feel there is damage upon your arrival that we should be aware of, please contact us immediately at (803) 586-3437‬.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at any time! We are here to make your experience a great one.

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