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Other Fees & Charges

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Prom- 1 HR- $160.00

We want to be there to help make the most of your Highschool special days and have the most fun you could ever experience. This session is custom designed just for you and tailored to your style and personality. We can come to you or you can take at a preferred outdoor location. The package can include just you, you and your date, or a group of friends. The package would include 10 edited images emailed to you via an online digital gallery.

Events- Starting at $100.00 per/HR.

Price: 100.00 Per Hour 2 / Photographers: 200.00 Per Hour. Coverage of the event for specific amount of hours as needed. You would receive edited digital photos of the event via an online gallery. This package is great for birthday party's, family reunions, & baby showers. Video can also be added upon request but it would change the overall price of the package. 

Engagement Promo Video- $400.00

Capture your memories and announce your save the date with a special memorable video. Video will be promotional style and run about 2 minutes long with a song of your choice. Video will also be given via online download and a USB jump drive for you to share with family and friends. The total time to shoot the clips would be a duration of 2 hours and allow one outfit change to create a unique story by video.

please read carefully& 


All photo appointments require a non-refundable deposit or retainer,  We ask that you pay the deposit within 48 hours of scheduling your session. If something changes and you wish to cancel you have 24 hours from the time you paid the deposit to cancel.  If it is past 24 hours, the deposit would be non-refundable or you can reschedule for a later date & time. 

Cancellation & Rescheduling Fees:

All appointments that are cancelled may be rescheduled but the date must be submitted within 7 days. As a courtesy we ask that if you need to cancel an appointment you do so within 7 days of your original preferred date & time. Once the deposit is paid, the date for the photoshoot is locked in.  If the date needs to be changed, and the new date is available there would be a non-refundable one time fee added. (unless it is an act of god, terrible weather, an emergency, or initiated by MDC) The fees are as follows, $25 for rescheduling 7+ days, $50 for rescheduling within 4-6 days, $75 for rescheduling within 1-3 days, & less than 24 hours is $100.  


. If the photo appointment is cancelled and you do not wish to reschedule, the deposit will be forfeited. If you have paid for the full session and decide to cancel, the total fee is non-refundable and can be used at a later date. (within 9 months of the original scheduled appointment) Any time an appointment needs to be rescheduled it needs to be within 30 days of the original date, as long as a new date is available, If it is after 30 days an additional $50 fee will apply. 

To reschedule your new date and time the remaining balance of the photography session will be required at the time to reschedule. If an appointment is to be rescheduled, The client has up to 7 days to reschedule a new date and pay the remaining balance or they risk losing their deposit.  if a client cancels more than twice, Modern Color Photography reserves the right to not make any further appointments. There will be no refunds. 




Time and Arrival

Please be on time, I cannot stress this enough, Please come to your appointment ready to shoot. This would include, hair, make-up, being dressed, etc.  Anything you have to do to prepare needs to be done prior to the start time of your scheduled session. If you do need to arrive early to change, etc. please make those necessary arrangements.  If you are late to your photo session (provided there are no bookings directly after the original shoot time) a late penalty fee will be issued. If your session is 30 minutes late: the penalty will be $25.00, if 45 minutes late: the penalty would be $50.00. If you are more than an hour late the appointment will be cancelled by MDC. If there is a session right after you the appointment cannot be rescheduled for the same day. In these situations absolutely no refund will be granted. If you are a no call, no show, the reschedule fee if applicable will be $100.00.

Styling for the Shoot

Again, please come with hair and make-up ready to shoot. Hair and make-up preparation are not included in scheduled time. We do have a changing room for those needing to change outfits for sessions that include outfit changes. 


We ask as a courtesy that you refrain from bringing anyone that is not essential to the shoot. Things happen very quickly, other individuals or kids can be a distraction; there is also many wires, cords, and expensive equipment that we have to use and want to make sure we protect. Outside of essential guest please refrain from bringing additional family members as it can get crowded in the studio. Special provisions can be made if necessary, please address at time of booking.  If the shoot is for one individual (adult), please do not bring kids who will not be pictured. 

Travel Fees:

We love getting long distance customers but if we have to travel there is a small fee. The fee for 30-60 miles from our business address is $65.00.  The fee to travel over 60 miles is $120.00 as long as it does not exceed 150 miles.  If it exceeds 150 miles that needs to be discussed with the photographer. 


If you would like to purchase a USB Jump Drive that contains all of your images and/or content the charge would be $20.00. 

Posting Another Gallery after 30 Days:

We provide a link to an online gallery.  We give access to the gallery for 30 days and this allows you to send the link to friends & family and download the images as much as you like. After 30 days we archive the gallery to make space for our other clients.  If for any reason we have to add the gallery back or re-create a link for a new gallery the fee would be $25.00 & it would give you access for another 30 days. 

Holiday Compensation:

For the most part Modern Color Photography does not work on holidays.  If there are any circumstances where we agree to work on a Holiday there will be a holiday fee to capture the images. It would be $75.00 additional added to any package.


Rush Image Fee:

We process pictures as soon as we can to make sure you have the best customer experience, Typically, it can take anywhere from 7-14 days (not including weekends) and no later than 15 days to send a gallery out.  However, if you need them sooner we can accommodate. The fee for rushed images would be $75 with a turn around time of 1-3 days. Let's jut call it the VIP-jump the line process of picture editing.