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More About Me!

Like most, I had a child and wanted to capture every single moment of his life... and that's just what I did.  I have fallen in love with photography ever since. I am a mom to a handsome and energetic 12-year old & I love spending time with him in my free time. I also have an amazing wife, and if you stick around long enough you will most likely meet her as well. She does so much for us at Modern Color Photography & we are truly grateful!


The best word to describe my personality is outgoing. I love meeting people and experiencing life.  Photography is literally an outlet to express my creativity and meet new people.  It's the best of both worlds... the bee's knees. The best thing about what I do is the passion I have while doing it. I get to hang out with people and capture amazing memories. I also get time to hang with amazing kids & then give them  back (LOL). 


In my photography, I try to focus more on capturing moments (more candid shots vs. just smiling at the camera). I draw my inspiration from having those photos that make you go "ahhh." & keeping those moments in tact create the best pictures. 

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Our goal is to show beauty, grace, and strength in life’s little moments that mean so much.  Welcoming a new baby into the world, graduating, celebrating a birthday, marrying your true love are all moments that should be captured and held on to forever.  We focus on telling a story through our pictures. We want to highlight those memories in our clients lives and show the world every aspect of who they are.  We focus on a more candid experience with our photography.  


We are photographers because we've always been interested in capturing those special moments…  We love editing, graphic design, and capturing the unique individuality of every subject we photograph.  We were inspired by human experience in general.  It’s dynamic, unique, and exciting.  So to be able to explore it through memories and photography gives us a wonderful opportunity. 


Ultimately, a well captured image represents a moment in time that is expressed infinitely.  Picking up a camera gives us a reason to share our vision of the world with others… We've made it our life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything we endeavor.  The quote “a picture is worth 1000 words”  is our motto because creative innovation and visual voodoo- no matter the medium- make our heart go thump thump… plus being able to share those images with the world is a great experience.  Any endeavor that shares our professional growth with photography makes our soul sing. 


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"Modern Color Photography was incredibly creative, fun to work with and flexible. If you are concerned that the quality is low because the price is affordable. Amber, the photographer was great, and she was able to match the service to our needs. My pictures were beautifully done and ready in a timely fashion. I would recommend her to everyone and give her without a doubt, 5 stars!" 

​"Great Price and Great work! Everything came out great! Thank you so much Amber!"


"Amber was absolutely amazing! She caught and kept the attention of my busy 5 month old. We felt very relaxed and comfortable and our photos turned out great! Can't wait to use her again." 

"Absolutely stunning, I have never been so happy with pictures, it was our first photoshoot also and she made me feel so comfortable She was welcoming & professional. I would give Amber 5 stars times 10!"



"My pictures turned out beautiful! Thanks for your prompt service and being flexible with the time and venue. I will refer you to everyone looking to have pictures done!" 


Amber was amazing! I had fun working with her. She made me feel comfortable and the pictures were BEAUTIFUL! She had the pictures done in a timely manner as well. I will most definitely shoot with her again!!


​"I had only 2 hours of sleep, with moving and the baby shower being the same day, everything went wrong that weekend. But Amber was professional yet fun to be around and she helped brighten my day. Our pictures turned out amazing and the shoot itself was a piece of cake. I will be returning for more services."

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